We are a team of young and passionate people driven by the idea of taking a few steps back into the past in order to be able to rediscover the real meaning of a local restaurant – a dinner filled with truth and meals prepared from local ingredients in tune with the natural cycle of nature.

Our love affair with food began while looking for the simple answer of what defines our gastronomical tradition. In other words, who we, Lithuanians, are at the table and where our roots grow. It all started with reminiscing about the meals our mothers used to prepare and simple yet delicious desserts like blueberries with milk concocted by our grandmother.

The philosophy built from our own experiences and the desire to bring back the pride of who we are and where we live lands on the plates we bring to your table every day. We try to pass on the emotion of these foods by telling the stories and sharing our discoveries with our guests. We want you to know how diverse and unique Lithuania is. We want you to join us to experience the particularity of our cuisine by returning to its most simple ingredients – like beetroot, dill, or honey. This small step back is actually a big step forward, the beginning of a new journey full of heart-warming emotions. It is our table, our traditions, our childhood on a plate, our seasons, and our feelings; in fact, it is who we truly are.